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Good.. [18 Feb 2012|09:35pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Needed to get shit done this weekend but I ended up getting called in to work.. Maybe I'll have time to do it after work tomorrow, assuming the don't keep me an extra 2 hours. If so, I guess I'll have to break down and order my bridesmaid dress over the phone and hope they don't fuck up the order.

On a lighter note, today was one of those days that I looked really good. Well, I felt as if I did.. like, I looked my absolute best with no hassle at all. My hair looked great, lots of volume and all I did was let it air dry. My face was clear, so I didn't need coverup, just liner, balm, and mascara.

Good day.

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All done!! [05 Oct 2011|12:44am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

So, today--err, yesterday (the 4th) I had my certification exam.. I PASSED. Officially done with this shit. Now hopefully it'll be easier to get a job. so sick of not having a dayjob.

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Monkey Suit.. [29 Sep 2011|05:39pm]
[ mood | blank ]

So last Friday I got a call from a dermatology clinic asking if I was still looking for a job, as they got my resume through fax (from my adviser) and I said yes. The lady asked if I could come in this week, anytime before lunch. So I went in yesterday!.. and had to drive to Brunswick for it, too, a 45min drive. All the people and the doctor were super cool, all nice and very personable. I then had to drive back down to town to have another interview with the PA at their clinic here, whom was also cool. If I get the job I will be working at the clinic in town and occasionally go up to the Brunswick clinic if they are short on staff. I hope that's not often because that's a lot of money taken from my pocket just for gas. --So yea, I was in a monkey suit from 8am-3pm, not thrilled about that.

Today I'm in a good but bad mood, I don't know why but I just feel like "Hey, everything's awesome" and "my life sucks" at the same time. ):

Got work tomorrow and had a call-in for Sat. but I had someone cover that for me since I have to go to Brittani's baby shower and then to my Aunt's to get drunk with my cousin.. and I can say that I desperately need that.

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Argha blargha.. [22 Sep 2011|09:25pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Tuesday I baked 2 cakes, my Grandma's recipe, for my uncles and burnt both.. don't know how but I did. So I tossed them and didn't rebake any after.

Went to Savannah early Wednesday morning, was there from just before 10 to 5ish. Walked the entire time I was there.. which felt good! My feet weren't sore even though I wore gladiators and I wasn't tired at all. But this is probably because I walked 6+ miles almost every night.

This week is quite possibly the worst week ever. I dropped the guy, got sick, didn't get to spend time with the family (sans Weds), started my period after finishing it a week and a half ago (WHAT?!), it rained all week, and I burnt the cakes. Awesome, right... :(

Anyway, baked a cake today, turned out perfect. Tomorrow I'm going to go run errands and see how much it'll cost to resize a couple rings (grandma's) since they are really pretty but they only fit my middle fingers.. all my rings fit only my middle fingers.. I want hers to fit my ring fingers.

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Exit stage left.. [17 Sep 2011|01:22am]
[ mood | crappy ]

It didn't happen.. I knew it wouldn't.. but you know, I'm fine with it. I left the door open so that there was a chance for him to step through and he didn't. Whether he's busy (with school or girls, I don't even know) or not makes no bit of difference to me, all I asked for was an hour, not even that. Sure, he was 4 out of 6 on the lottery ticket but he's missing the most important trait, honesty.. I could live without stability being an option.. but a simple bit of honesty would have made it okay. A "Sorry, but I have plans" or "I'm bogged down with homework, so maybe another time" or "I'm not feeling it". Any of those would have sufficed.

1. Honest
2. Smart
3. Good sense of humor
4. Stable (in sense of dependability)
5. Takes care of self (in shape, healthy)
6. Good kisser.

Decent guy, I'm sure he'd bend over backwards if needed but he's a douche bag until proven otherwise. And when I go to get something of mine back, I'll make sure he understands it, verbally or with a swift act of physicality.

If only he was aware of the guys lined up to have my attention, both physically and mentally. Annnndd I already have someone else up to bat.


But in truth it still hurts. I cried.. over the issue, not him. I sabotaged what I had going like I usually do in relationships. Total commitment-phobe.

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1,000 miles.. [15 Sep 2011|06:46pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

I got so fed up with someone last night that I had to let off some steam before I physically annihilated someone. Sooo, I went on a walk in the middle of the night, a good 6 miles and 1hr 40m later, I return home feeling less Hulkish.

Needless to say, I'm not putting up with their shit any longer and I no longer consider them a friend.

Also, I caved and asked the guy to do something this week, since I have a few days off.. he said sure but he's busy so I don't think it's happening. /pout

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Red Rum.. [13 Sep 2011|03:38pm]
[ mood | bored ]

So the guy showed up at my work last night, bought some soap. I made it extremely awkward, I know I did. My coworker and I proceeded to talk about him the rest of the night and what I should do. I need to reach out to him and see if he wants to hang out this week since I have the next 3 days off.

After work I went to the store to get dye. Dyed my hair (haven't done that in two years) but it turned out far to bright orangey-red, so I dried it and went back to the store (at like 11:50pm) to get a brown to dye over top. The end result is a deep red. I like it.

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DISASTER! [08 Sep 2011|01:31am]
[ mood | lonely ]

So, Tuesday was wicked busy for me. I had to get up early to take dad to the airport (work has him in NH until Friday), then from there I took mom to her doctor's appointment, ran errands but got nothing I needed (ugh), drove to the salon to get my hair cut (got there so early because I didn't want to waste gas going home and then all the way back to the island), sat there for an hour and a half, left in tears, drove to another salon, drove to work and did that until 10:30.

HAIRCUT: Yea, I desperately needed a cut. Because my hair was layered during my last visit (4 months ago?) it was looking not cute and it was driving me nuts, so of course I call my hair lady (who never fails to please me with my cuts) and get in the same day. I had pictures of exactly what I wanted, front, side, and back view.. a blueprint, for christ's sake. I wanted about 4" taken off, she chopped off 8 1/2" and butchered my bangs. I bawled all the way home. It looks awful and I look like a 10yr old. I've been going to her for 5yrs now, never been displeased with a cut so this shocks me.. I won't be going back to her again.

WORK: It was a floorset, nuff said. I had posted on FB about my shitty haircut and the guy apparently saw it and when he finished his shopping trip (BBW is right next door to Wally World), he came over to see it. I was mortified.

GUY: Aside from him coming to see my god awful haircut, I have not seen him since the previous Tuesday (when I word vomited on him). Nor have I talked to him since.. I definitely want to, though. I really do but I know he's busy and if he wanted to see me, he'd say it. Or at least I hope he would, I don't know. Mom says I sabotaged it.. I think she's right, I do have a tendency to do that with things that could go well for me. C'est la vie, right?

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Three day weekend.. NOT! [03 Sep 2011|11:00pm]
[ mood | full ]

So, while everyone else (with a normal job) gets a 3 day weekend, I get a no day weekend! I worked last night, today, I work tomorrow AND Labor Day. I also picked up someone's oncall on one of my days off this week (Thursday). I'm trying to keep myself busy..

I was STARVING after work today so I went to a food joint I've never been to and had myself a spicy faux-chicken panino. Super good. @-@

ALSO, fucking pissed at Ocarina of Time 3DS.. I can't catch the biggest fish as a kid OR adult meaning I can't get a heart piece or the golden scale which allows me to get other heart pieces. UGH. /nerd-rage

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CUUUUUUTE~ [02 Sep 2011|10:52pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

My bra came in the mail today and it wasn't supposed to be here until Tuesday, how fucking rad is that.. especially considering I ordered it on Saturday.

It is so cute! I now have a bra that intentionally matches a pair of panties. First time ever.

I'm easy to please.

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Much better! [02 Aug 2011|10:30am]
[ mood | giggly ]

Sooo.. I went over to his place last night and yea.. I spent the night. Good to know there's nothing wrong with me.

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Officially graduated and I have a date.. [28 Jul 2011|04:26pm]
[ mood | nervous ]

I finished my hours on Wednesday.. meaning I had to call my coordinator to set up an exit. Went to the school, handed everything in, got signed out and I am now officially graduated. The ceremony is in August but I'm not walking.

AND I have a date tonight, 5pm to be exact. I'm super nervous about it, I know I am going to word vomit all over him. Ugh, I hate dating.

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I was tricked! [24 Jul 2011|01:47am]
[ mood | tired ]

My friend, the girl at my extern site, invited me to go bowling and I just got home. After bowling we went back to her boyfriend's place to watch a movie.

So, yea, "bowling". She often spoke of her boyfriend's friend and I was intrigued because not only did he sound great but like a nice guy, too. Apparently he asked her if I was single because she had mentioned me to him. When we set up this bowling night, she did not mention this guy coming at all, so I was a bit flustered when he came in the house.

While we're bowling, he asks us riddles, none of which I figured out, and then chatted me up. He told his friend he thought I was cute, he told my friend, my friend told me, and then while the guy was bowling, her boyfriend told me himself. BOWLING OVER, back at the house. We pop in a pizza, have a couple drinks, and then sit to eat and watch the movie. I was shooed off the big couch to sit on the loveseat with the guy.. I didn't mind at all. Movie is over, he and I hop in our cars and leave.

Worst part is, we didn't exchange numbers. :/ Oh well, maybe I can get it from my friend tomorrow.

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Hohum.. [12 Mar 2007|01:44am]
[ mood | moody ]

So as said, I keep having dreams about being back up north with my grandma, who died (I hate saying 'passed away') in January.. it's begun to bug me, I have one every other night or something like that. SO, I decided to look up meanings to dreams and what I read is what I thought it was. "To see your dead sibling, relative, or friend alive in your dream, indicates that you miss them and are trying to relive your old experiences you had with them. In trying to keep up with the pace of your daily waking life, your dreams may serve as your only outlet in coping and coming to terms with the loss of a loved one." Weird that it's true, the reliving part, I have dreams about past happenings but slightly different.

I didn't show much emotion when I was up there for her funeral, I tried to ignore it. I think I cried three times when I was up there; once at the viewing when we gathered to pray, once at the funeral when we gave her a kiss before they closed the casket, and lastly, when they put her in the hearse to go to the cemetery. The last one was when I cried the most. I 'unno.

Anyways, weird dreams go AWAY. D:

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